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Keys Printing is South Carolina’s oldest commercial sheet-fed printer. With a rich history dating to 1869, Keys has been in the forefront of the latest technology in printing. In January 2014, Keys capabilities were enhanced when it was acquired by RRD, a Fortune 500 company, and a world leader in developing and executing multi-channel communication strategies that engage audiences, reduce costs, drive revenues, and increase compliance.

Our Elevator Pitch: At Keys Printing, an RRD Company, we optimize the connection between our clients and their customers across the entire customer journey— from marketing programs that generate new customers to critical business communications that serve and support those customers.

Our Mission: We connect clients to customers across the entire breadth of the customer journey, from the marketing programs that generate new customers to the critical business communications that extend the brand by serving and supporting those customers.

Marketing Solutions: We leverage data-inspired insights to optimize the most effective marketing channels: online, offline, onsite.

Business Services: We drive up the quality and consistency of customer connections while driving out complexity and costs.